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Semester courses take place during the school year (from the middle of September to the end of June). New groups can start during the semester, so you are able to sign up at any time during the year. If have previously studied Polish, you are welcome to join the existing groups during the semester.


You can start and finish the one-to-one classes at any time. You decide how often and at what time classes will take place. The class usually is held twice a week, and every meeting consists of 2 45-minute lessons. Our teachers have a university degree and have finished the Polish for foreigners course for teachers. They have also experience at work with foreigners and speak English and German.


Courses with accomodation (especially summer courses) provide you opportunity to combine your holiday with Polish instruction and an introduction to Poland. Not only does the intensive course (4 hours a day) guarantees quick learning results, but the accompanying culture program also will enable you to see Szczecin and the Baltic Seaside from the perspective of the local. You will thus improve your Polish language skills and discover the rich cultural offerings of Poland.


Do you run a company in Poland? Do you work in Poland or for a Polish company? Do you hire Poles? Take a Polish course in our school! We will offer you a course that meets your requirements and the needs of your company.





Intensive Polish course – August 2017
06 Jun 2017

You can sign up today for a new group!
Start: on August (from 31.07. till 1.09.), the number of classes: three times per week (90 minutes each),
time: after 4 p.m.,
place: ARA Szkoła Językowa ul. Duńska 27a,
price: 775 PLN in the group of 4-8 students,
level: basic or intermediate (it depends on the another applications),
materials: book and additional [...]

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