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Offer Learn Polish in Szczecin! Our passion is to teach Polish effectively. At ARA we pursue this objective...

How do we teach

The eye, the ear, the mouth…

Our passion is to teach Polish effectively. We believe that everyone is able to learn a foreign language in the same way we learn our mother-language. A two-year-old child speaks his native language without any problems. We can learn from a child the natural process of learning a language – using a “Method of Repetition”. Children imitate the language spoken by their family and by those around them. The central principle of our method is to use vocabulary and grammatical structures in practical, real-world contexts. At ARA, we pursue this objective in the following ways:

1. First of all repetition…

Most of our students don’t have enough time to review by themselves at home. At the start of each lesson, we review the material from the previous lesson. While doing so, we also work to develop a student’s ability to react to various questions and contexts.  The student can thus learn the language in a way to learning a musical instrument or a new sport. Through such repetition and reaction, the student acquires strong foundations and confidence.

2. Questions…

The instructor poses every question twice.The student learns to respond automatically. The result is a class with a quick and effective pace that allows the students to remain focused on the topic.

3. Answers, speaking is the most important goal…

The best way to learn a language is to speak! Learning grammar is often not a favourite activity for most of our students. Our classes incorporate grammar structures into real-day contexts so that students can learn the language as it is actually spoken and used. Students answer questions in complete sentences so that they can speak as much as possible and learn more quickly.

4. Your Satisfaction is Paramount for Us…

Every student can always ask us any kind of question about Polish or about Poland.We are available by email, phone, and during our consultation hours, and we will answer your questions immediately.
If you also want to do extra work in Polish so that you can maximize your stay in Poland, we will assign additional homework and send it back to you corrected.

Please join us!


Intensive Polish course – August 2017
06 Jun 2017

You can sign up today for a new group!
Start: on August (from 31.07. till 1.09.), the number of classes: three times per week (90 minutes each),
time: after 4 p.m.,
place: ARA Szkoła Językowa ul. Duńska 27a,
price: 775 PLN in the group of 4-8 students,
level: basic or intermediate (it depends on the another applications),
materials: book and additional [...]

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New course for beginners October 2016
08 Aug 2016

You can sign up today for a new beginner group. Classes start on October the 3rd 2016
Price: 720 zł (36 classes, from 03.10. 2016 to 6.02.2017 , Monday  18:40-20:10) student’s book + exercise book with CD included!
There is a possibility to pay only for 10 double lessons!
Just phone  (+48 502 224 002) or write us an e-mail ( !

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Summer course for beginners!
05 May 2016

New course for beginners starts on the 14th of June 2016 ,Tuesday/Thursday 18:30 – 20:00, PRICE: 40 PLN/ 90 min ( group 3-6 people)
Sign up today! Just phone  (+48 502 224 002) or write us an e-mail ( !

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